Company History

Company History

  • 1960

    Established TOYOMARU INDUSTRIES Co., Ltd.

  • 1966

    Opened West Japan Sales Office

    Exhibited Maruto Unit at New Pachinko Model Show

  • 1973

    Introduced electric pachinko machine Introduced electric pachinko machine

  • 1976

    Newly introduced pachinko ball recirculation system "Toyorain"

  • 1982

    Opened Tokyo Sales Office

    Renamed West Japan Sales Office as Osaka Sales Office and relocated

  • 1983

    Opened Fukuoka Sales Office

  • 1984

    Completed and relocated Head Office Building

  • 1985

    Released "BIGDON"Released

  • 1986

    Opened Sapporo Sales Office

    Relocated Osaka Sales Office

    Opened Shizuoka Satellite Office

  • 1988

    Released "DONSPECIAL B"

  • 1990

    Registered trademark for new brand "TOYOTEC"

    Expanded and renovated Head Office Showroom

    Released "Caesar2"

  • 1991

    Opened Hokuriku Sales Office

  • 1992

    Relocated Tokyo Sales Office

    Released "Pikaichi Tengoku"Released

  • 1993

    Expanded Head Office building

    Renamed Shizuoka Satellite Office as Shizuoka Sales Office and relocated

    Relocated Osaka Sales Office

  • 1994

    Released "Doradora Tengoku3"

  • 1995

    Released "Komakoma Club"

  • 1996

    Released "Ryuou Densetsu"

    Released "Nanasy"Released

  • 1997

    Released "Kankan Tengoku"

  • 1998

    Released "Deramaitta"Released

  • 1999

    Relocated Shizuoka Sales Office

    Expanded and renovated Head Office Factory

  • 2000

    Released "Den Den Den"Released Den Den Den

  • 2001

    Released "CR Nanasy"

  • 2004

    Relocated Sapporo Sales Office

    Relocated Osaka Sales Office

  • 2005

    Opened Sendai Sales Office

    Released "CR Nanasy Get"

  • 2006

    Released "CR White Angel"

  • 2007

    Named Mitsuyoshi Nagano as President

    Released "CR Kisekinodenyaku Captain Robert"

    Awarded the "Pachinko AWARD MIP 2007"Awarded the

  • 2008

    Released "CR Tropical Angel"

  • 2009

    Participated in "Team Minus 6%"

    Provided support and cooperation for "ASHINAGA"

    Released "CR Ookomakoma club @ suzanne"

  • 2010

    Participated in "Challenge 25" campaign

    Released "CR Tenjono Lamp master"

    Released "CR Otokonomaguroipponduri"

  • 2011

    Released "CR Egashira2:50"

    Released "CR Witchblade"

  • 2012

    Released "CR Hellsing"

    Released "CR Dokidoki! Girls spot"

  • 2013

    Opened Saitama Sales Office

    Released "CR Mashin Eiyuuden Wataru"Released

  • 2014

    Released "CR Komakoma club@international"

    Released "CR Pikaichi@international"

    Released "CR GOD AND DEATH"

    Released "torepachi!" recreation machine for welfare facilities Released

    Exhibited "torepachi!" at "PPC2014 The 16th West Japan International Welfare Equipment & Devices Fair"

  • 2015

    Registered July 4 as "Nanasy Day" with Japan Anniversary AssociationRegistered July 4 as

    Released "CR Super Nanasy DX"

    Exhibited at "International Welfare and Health Industry Exhibition (Welfare 2015)"

    Exhibited at "PPC2015 The 17th West Japan International Welfare Equipment & Devices Fair"

  • 2016

    Released "CR Deramaitta 3rd"

    Released "CR Sexy Fall 2nd Season"

    Exhibited at "Care TEX2016"

    Exhibited at "Barrier Free 2016"

    Exhibited at "International Welfare and Health Industry Exhibition (Welfare 2016)"

  • 2017

    Released "CR TOYOMARU to Soft on Demand nosaishinsaku"

    Released "CR Super Doragon Densetsu"

    Released "CR Akudaikan Akaoni"

    Released "Happy and Energetic torepachi! Table"Released

    Exhibited at "Elderly Housing Festival 2017"

  • 2018

    Released "CR Super Denyaku Nanasy DXⅡ"

    Exhibited at "SenCARE2018(Taiwan)"

    Exhibited at "Care TEX2018"

    Released "CR Kyoumo Kaitsudon"

    Released "CR Sexy Bowl"

    Exhibited at "Barrier Free 2018"

    Released "CR Komakoma Club@AgeSelect"

  • 2019

    Released "P LORD PHARAOH"

    Released "P Heike Monogatari RELOADED"

    Released "P JOSHI THE GIANT"

    Released "P SUSHIZANMAI"

    Exhibited at "International Home Care & Rehabilitation Exhibition"

    Released "P HanahaiR"

  • 2020

    Released "P Honoka and CoolPoko, Tokidoki MutouKeij"

    Released "SPACEBOX"

  • 2021

    Released "P Wild Rodeo"

    Released "P Burst Angel3"

    Released "P Keijo!!!!!!!!"

    Released "P Super Denyaku Nanasy SPECIAL"